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In a Desert or a City

Book I – the desert prince
Book II – The Onion Theatre, Paris
Book III – Ultima Thule, World’s End​

Nabbed off the streets of Riyadh, Sawyer Aaron Summerfield is trapped in the Royal World of Hyper-Arabia, which is owned free-and-clear by the Family of Saud. Gifted to the young and splendaceous Prince X, Sawyer himself is now the recipient of  an offer he can’t refuse. And an ancient Secret which could turn all three of Abraham’s religions—Judaism, Christianity and Islam—downside up.
Forced to flee the Royals of the Desert Kingdom for his life, liberty and the pursuit of his own personal version of happiness, Sawyer stumbles into Gay Paree, tumbles right into the lap and the faded glory of The Raymond Onion Akadémia and Onion Theater,31 Rue de Seine, into the arms of safety, perhaps, and a new identity. 

Will Goldie and the Duchess of Rome and their Stage Manager, Johnny Stamps, be able to save Sawyer from the Desert Mafia who chase him all the way to Paris and from one end of his Moveable Feast to the other?

And just what is the ancient Secret seized by Richard the Lion Heart and his lover, King Phillip II, in the Third Crusade, the Mystery, already ancient in that long-dead year of 1190?

A Secret as old as Abraham. Brought back to France once again, now by the escaping Sawyer… But who can escape Destiny? Destiny which chases or leads us from Tiber Island in Rome, from the Vatican and the Jewish Ghetto, to the Great Sand Sea of Libya and the Mujahedeen struggling against the Italian Colonizers of the early 1900s, and on to Paris…

…Destiny, which chases us from Guadeloupe in the Isle des Saintes, late 1800s, to Central Park of New York and the Harlem Renaissance and onwards thence to Paris…

…Destiny…which leads us to all the great European Universities…and on to Buchenwald and Spandau Prison…
…and which finally chases Sawyer from the Empty Quarter of the Saudis’ Arabia to the Latin Quarter…

Which leads or chases us all from the days of Abraham of Ur of the Chaldees, ancient Iraq, to the Iraq of Reagan-Bush-Saddam-Clinton-Bush (and Old Mother Boudou, of course)…to Arabia, then to the Twin Towers and the New York of our

own Brave New Millennium…

I was told a Tale of Al-Qismah. A Tale of the Rings of Destiny…and a Tale of Twins and…Twin Towers of Babel…and of the City of Light.
Perhaps it is Madame Bardslea’s Ghost, weaving in and out of all these threads, who holds—and reveals—the greatest Secret of all….